Great start for ETIM International in 2019 with Portugal and Slovenia joining as new members

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Great start for ETIM International in 2019 with Portugal and Slovenia joining as new members

ETIM International, the global coordinating organisation for technical product data classification, is proud to announce the membership of AGEFE as ETIM representative for Portugal and of GZS ZEE as ETIM representative for Slovenia. Started in 2008 with 6 founding members we now reached the number of 20 local ETIM member organizations representing 21 countries (USA and Canada combined in ETIM North America).

AGEFE is the national Portuguese association representing electrical wholesalers, manufacturers and importers. As a member of EUEW, the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers, they have been in close contact with us for many years already. The ETIM membership it not the beginning, but the next step in a preparatory process for ETIM implementation, that AGEFE started some years ago. AGEFE is representing the electrical sector and related sectors, but will gladly welcome cooperation with other sector associations, that are interested in implementing ETIM in the Portuguese market.

GZS ZEE is the Electronics and Electrical Industry Association within the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. They were actually asked by one of their manufacturer members to take up responsibility for the ETIM organization in Slovenia. Extensive research learned them that the interest for ETIM amongst their members was substantial enough to found ETIM Slovenia and apply for membership to ETIM International. Founding members next to GZS ZEE are the companies Danfoss, ETI, ISKRA, TEM and Metrel. ETIM Slovenia is organized within GZS ZEE, but has its own secretary and president and is supported by an operational expert, who is very experienced in ETIM.

We look forward to working together with our new members and support them in making ETIM the leading classification standard in their local markets, to ensure that all local companies can enjoy the full benefits of the standard ETIM classification model.