New: ETIM International Global Industry Membership

A direct ETIM membership for multinationals

From the beginning, the technical expertise and knowledge of both local and internationally operating manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have been essential to the ETIM standardisation work. Up until now, large international companies have given their input in this respect through national ETIM organizations and their expert working groups. To reinforce the engagement and commitment from these companies in the further development of the global ETIM classification standard, we will open our Standardisation Committee and its expert groups to these valued parties by means of an ETIM International Global Industry Membership.

Supporting development and growth

Jan Janse, President of ETIM International, explains: “The ETIM International Global Industry Membership is an addition to existing memberships. It not only allows for a consistent and efficient alignment of corporate requirements, but also for optimal technical expert input of globally active companies to further develop, enhance and maintain the ETIM classification model”. He adds: “We are confident that the new set-up will be beneficial to stakeholders worldwide: it will result in more efficient and effective communication and consultation among members, in growing acceptance of ETIM as the standard and in faster and better changes to the model”.

Want to join as Global Industry Member? Please contact Marc Habets or Jan Janse at ETIM International for more information!